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Kristen Manieri

Writer and Editor of OrlandoDateNightGuide.com

Kristen Manieri is the founder and editor of OrlandoDateNightGuide.com. She is also a travel and food writer and a regular contributor to Orlando Magazine, Edible Orlando, Playground Magazine, Orlando Home + Garden, Forbes Travel Guide and the Virgin Atlantic Blog.

  • I loved following the struggles of David Matthews, a man with Asperger’s syndrome but with a huge heart ready to love one special girl. This documentary feature opened my eyes to how difficult it is to date and find love for people who have a tough time behaving “normally” in social situations. It was a touching movie with lots of tender and heartrending moments.
  • A documentary spanning a gay couple’s forty-year fight to legally be together, this film serves as a remarkable testament to how far marriage equality has come. But it’s also an endearing love story that shares a universal truth: #LoveIsLove.
  • This incredibly sweet documentary short about a trio of six-year-old girls who take up skateboarding, pink tutus and all, will have you laughing and cheering.
  • This short follows a political family on election night as they wait for the ballots to be counted and their fate to be determined. It’s well acted, engaging and has a great little twist at the end.
  • I was so caught up in the incredible animation in this short that I nearly missed the point of the narrative. But then it all came together in the end and I was flabbergasted by what a smart and delightful film this is. You’ll want to watch it over and over to truly drink it in.