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Yellow FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: Nick Cassavetes
  • USA, 2013, 108 minutes
  • In English
  • East Coast Premiere

Beautiful, intelligent, and addicted to Vicodin, Mary Holmes lives a life fractured by fantasies and memories that careen from Busby Berkeley to Cirque du Soleil to opera, Fellini, theater, Snow White, and all points in between. A substitute elementary school teacher fired from her job for sleeping with a parent, Mary packs up her car to get away from the splintering world of Los Angeles and returns to her childhood home where secrets and denial rule everything. In giving us Mary, co-writers Heather Wahlquist and Nick Cassavetes have created a character somehow familiar and strange, living in a world we recognize all too well. Cassavetes’s direction pushes this wildly inventive and darkly funny film into limits not often seen these days, and Wahlquist, as Mary, knows her character and delivers her whole. Melanie Griffith, Gena Rowlands, Sienna Miller, David Morse, Lucy Punch, and Ray Liotta are here too, making the ride to truth well worth it. Is it all real or all drug-induced fantasy? It probably doesn’t matter.