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White Sun

White Sun
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  • Mon, April 24th 4:30PM - 6:00PM Regal Winter Park Village A

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  • Sun, April 30th 7:30PM - 9:00PM Regal Winter Park Village B

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  • Directed by: Deepak Rauniyar
  • Nepal/USA/Qatar/Netherlands, 2016, 89 minutes
  • In Nepali with English Subtitles

Sponsored By SilzerLaw Chartered

Part of Hilton Grand Vacations' Reel Representation Film Series

In 2015, when Nepal’s constitution was announced after a decade-long peace process and a civil war in which 16,000 died, a small remote Nepali village is still coming to terms with its recent history. Former Maoist guerilla Chandra returns to help his estranged brother, a doctor and Royalist, perform burial rites for their father, a village elder—and with that, the film makes the personal political. Chandra sees what he’s fought for hasn’t come to fruition, while villagers still adhere to the caste system and male-only funeral rites. A further complication is Chandra’s ex-wife, who needs him to sign paternity papers for a daughter not his own. Hand-held camera and a strong ensemble cast make for a lived-in and real tone, and while serious in subject, the film is peppered with humor. The adults bicker, but two children offer hope, showing tolerance, compromise and wisdom beyond their years. Using one village’s complex tribulations to speak to an entire national history, WHITE SUN is a remarkably accomplished second feature that is filled with astonishing imagery of Nepal’s natural beauty.