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Wetlands FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: David Wnendt
  • GERMANY, 2013, 109 minutes
  • In German with English subtitles

Due to graphic content, recommended for mature audiences only!

Helen is not your average teenage girl—spending her days masturbating with vegetables, engaging in every manner of sexual conduct with strangers, sharing used tampons with her best friend, rubbing her vagina on the filthiest toilet seat in Germany, and skateboarding around town with a finger planted firmly in her ass due to hemorrhoid issues. When an accidental shaving mishap sends her to the hospital for anal surgery, the bored and brazen girl spends her endless days pushing the boundaries of “flirting” with her male nurse and plotting ways to force her divorced parents to reconcile. Based on the international best seller by Charlotte Roche and decried by critics as unfilmable “pornography,” director David Wnendt’s cinematic adaptation is as much a revolutionary manifesto on female sexuality as it is a tender and disgustingly hilarious coming of age story. Delightfully perverse, WETLANDS exceeds all expectations by managing to be equally as romantic as it is repulsive.