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Top Spin

Top Spin FFF 2015
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  • Directed by: Sara Newens and Mina T. Son
  • USA, 2014, 80 minutes
  • In English and Chinese with English subtitles
  • Southeast premiere
  • Rated NR

Competitive table tennis has never been more exciting than in this documentary about three remarkably dedicated high school students with dreams of making it to the Olympics. TOP SPIN follows Ariel, Lily, and Michael through their triumphs and disappointments as they train, compete, and try to deal with everyday pressures of adolescence. Surviving in the world of aggressive ping pong is not for the under-achiever, as these accomplished kids strive for top titles and awards at the sacrifice of leisure time and activities enjoyed by others their age. Stunning slow-motion cinematography shows the real skill involved in winning, as the players are seen from every angle adroitly maneuvering the ball to outwit their opponents. In this terrifically entertaining crowd pleaser, these young athletes show grace under pressure as they face intense matches with a profound focus and a passion for one of the most under-appreciated sports in America.