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Proud Citizen

Proud Citizen FFF 2015
Play Trailer
  • Directed by: Thom Southerland
  • USA, 2014, 90 minutes
  • In English and Bulgarian with English Subtitles
  • Southeast premiere
  • Rated NR

Krasimira—a Bulgarian playwright—travels to the United States to see a production of her first play, which has won second prize in an international competition. An amateur theater group is presenting the play in Louisville, Kentucky. Krasmira (played by co-writer Katerina Stoykova-Klemer) had imagined an opportunity for career advancement and perhaps some fame but instead finds herself left to her own devices, almost ignored as the rehearsals take place. Her play, an autobiography of her life as a child in Communist Bulgaria, is intercut with her experiences as she meets and makes American friends, and we also hear from the actors who are working so hard to realize the production. First-time writer/director Thom Southerland brings this story of isolation, discovery, friendship, and politics to the screen with the lightest touch in beautiful black and white. Documentary in style, the film reminds us that even across oceans, people are connected by the joys and sorrows that enrich life and give it meaning.