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Moebius FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: Kim Ki-Duk
  • SOUTH KOREA, 2013, 89 minutes
  • In Korean with English subtitles
  • East Coast Premiere

Due to graphic content, recommended for mature audiences only!

Leave it to extreme provocateur Kim (Pietà, FFF2013) to make a film with no dialogue and no character names, where the actor playing the wife also plays the mistress, and where incest is best. His latest exploration of the human condition takes a cue from Thomas Hobbes—life is nasty, brutish, and short—and is perhaps his nastiest piece of work to date.  MOEBIUS can be perceived as an extremely dark comedy or the logical conclusion of Kim’s ongoing cast of characters’ frustration that they are unheard and therefore forced to act out, an indictment of contemporary Korean society. Kim tweaks the fine line between pain and pleasure, breaks taboos, and makes audiences squirm.  Sordid?  Perverse?  You decide. You can’t not look. From the director’s statement: “Originally we are born in desire and we reproduce in desire. So we are connected as one like the Moebius strip, thus me envying, hating, and loving myself.”