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Love Me

Love Me FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: Jonathon Narducci
  • USA, 2013, 94 minutes
  • In English
  • World Premiere

Looking for love? For a soulmate? For someone who doesn't speak much English but looks great in a tight miniskirt?  Turns out there's a website for that, A Foreign Affair, which updates the classic mail-order bride business for computer-savvy Western men. Is it a godsend for the lonely or a hoax designed to prey upon people's desperation? That's what filmmaker Jonathon Narducci answers in this wildly entertaining roller coaster of modern morals and digital access. His cameras follow nervous bachelors on a “Love Tour” to the Ukraine, where they attend “socials” to mingle with girls who might be found on the A Foreign Affair website. Music plays, drinks flow, and local women outnumber Western men ten to one. It's a slice of heaven for these guys, but when the lights come up, will love last? Narducci tracks the successes and failures of the guys while digging deeper into the motivations of the Ukrainian women, exposing a part of this tale that's often ignored. Weaving together myths and realities of the mail-order bride industry, LOVE ME offers an international cast of lonely hearts who all need something—from companionship and family to financial wellbeing—and are willing to embrace unconventional means to get it.  

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