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Levitated Mass

Levitated Mass FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: Doug Pray
  • USA, 2013, 89 minutes
  • In English
  • Southeast Premiere

Sponsored By H.J. High Construction Company

Can a 340-ton rock be considered a work of art? Land artist Michael Heizer, best known for his large scale sculptures and experimentation with negative space, orchestrates a plan, forty years in the making, to mount a giant boulder outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In the process, his team confronts logistical, economical, and political challenges every step of the way. Traveling through 22 Southern California cities over ten nights, the rock draws tens of thousands of spectators and creates a media sensation as it crawls, in a custom made 206-wheeled trailer, the 105 miles from quarry to installation. Directed by Doug Pray (Art & Copy, FFF 2009), the compelling and thoroughly entertaining LEVITATED MASS explores the relationships between pop culture, the art community, and the general population.         

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