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King Georges

King Georges FFF 2016
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  • Directed by: Erika Frankel
  • USA, 2015, 77 minutes
  • In English
  • Rated Unrated

The legendary French restaurants in America, including La Côte Basque, La Caravelle, and Lutèce, had closed by 2010. Yet after 40 years, one of the great ones remained in Philadelphia. At the heart of Le Bec-Fin is the mercurial chef-owner Georges Perrier, a 67-year-old native of Lyon and one of the best chefs of his time. Filmmaker Erika Frankel captures the iconic restaurant and its famous chef, with an intimate look at Perrier, his kitchen, and his dining room in their final years. Battling to make Le Bec-Fin more relevant, Georges partners with Top Chef-winner Nicholas Elmi, but he cannot hand over control. The end of an era approaches. KING GEORGES is a fight-to-the-finish tale of a great French chef/maestro and a style of dining no longer found in America. Interviews with three of this generation’s culinary masters—Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, and Éric Ripert—provide perspective and pay homage to a true lion in winter.