Joe FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: David Gordon Green
  • USA, 2013, 117 minutes
  • In English

A gripping mix of friendship, violence, and redemption erupts in the contemporary South in this adaptation of Larry Brown's novel, celebrated at once for its grit and its deeply moving core. Directed by David Gordon Green (All the Real Girls), JOE brings Academy Award®-winner Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas) back to his indie roots in the title role as a hard-living, hot-tempered ex-con who is trying to dodge his instincts for trouble—until he meets a hard-luck kid (Tye Sheridan, Mud) who awakens in him a fierce and tender-hearted protector. Joe runs an illegal tree-poisoning operation in Mississippi for a lumber company that plans to fill the land with healthier, more profitable saplings. When Gary, the 15-year-old son of an abusive, alcoholic father, shows up looking for work, Joe soon becomes a father figure to the boy. But he’s no simple Samaritan, and the boy’s father is none too happy about the situation. Powerful and stark, dark and moody, the beautifully shot JOE is a return to form for the Arkansas-born filmmaker and Nicolas Cage’s best and boldest performance in years.