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I Dream in Another Language (Sueño en Otro Idioma)

I Dream in Another Language (Sueño en Otro Idioma)
  • Fri, April 28th 3:15PM - 5:00PM Regal Winter Park Village A

    • This date has passed
  • Sun, April 30th 5:15PM - 6:55PM Regal Winter Park Village B

    • This date has passed
  • Directed by: Ernesto Contreras
  • Mexico/Netherlands, 2017, 101 minutes
  • In Spanish with English Subtitles
  • Southeast Premiere

Sponsored By SilzerLaw Chartered

Part of Hilton Grand Vacations' Reel Representation Film Series

Mexican filmmaking brothers Ernesto and Carlos Contreras take us on an enigmatic, important, and poetic journey that raises unexpected questions about identity, cultural preservation, and love. A young linguist named Martín travels to a remote Mexican village to study conversations between the last two surviving speakers of a dying indigenous language called Zikril. Isauro agrees to participate in Martín’s study on the condition that he doesn’t force him to converse with Evaristo, his childhood best friend and the only other speaker. Martín initially tries to complete the study with just Isauro but soon realizes he also needs Evaristo’s help. However, Evaristo wants nothing to do with the study, nor does he care to save his native language, especially if it means he must talk to Isauro. As he forces them to work together, Martín must unravel the mystery of why these two friends haven’t spoken to each other in over 50 years and must persevere or a beautiful, spiritual culture will die along with its language. Winner of the World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award at Sundance 2017.

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