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I Believe in Unicorns

I Believe in Unicorns FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: Leah Meyerhoff
  • USA, 2014, 80 minutes
  • In English
  • Florida Premiere

Davina views the world through a fantastical Polaroid lens. On her birthday, she swoons over Sterling, an older skateboarding “crust punk” who will become more than her mid-teenage crush. Despite an absent father and her caretaker responsibility for a disabled mother, Davina feels that the two of them can take their love to a more mature level. She runs away with Sterling, leaving her ailing mother behind, and seeks salvation in the road trip—a whirlwind of romance and adventure. However, her need to escape and the discovery of Sterling’s abusive past soon prompt Davina to question her ideals of love and happiness. Writer/director Leah Meyerhoff uses amazing stop-motion animation to depict the vision of a young girl’s fantasies (shot entirely on Super 8 and 16mm) and casts her own mother Toni Meyerhoff to keep the poetic coming-of-age story very close to the heart. Executive produced by Allison Anders (Grace of My Heart) and produced by Heather Rae (Frozen River), I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS marks the arrival of an inventive and major new filmmaking talent.