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Goldfinger FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: Guy Hamilton
  • UK, 1964, 110 minutes
  • Rated PG

“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!” From the shocking opening to its electrifying mid-air climax, GOLDFINGER, James Bond’s third big-screen adventure, is an exhilarating thrill ride that has come to be regarded as the quintessential film in the series. The greatest Bond of them all, Sean Connery is Agent 007, and he faces off against a wicked genius bent on contaminating all of the gold in Fort Knox and destroying the world’s economy. First-time Bond director Guy Hamilton gets the mix of elements just right here—a perfect blend of action, humor, violence, sex, style, and cool, with all the villains, babes, gadgets, and stunning locales we’ve grown to love. Some of the most memorable images and characters in over 50 years of Bond films can be found in this one iconic masterwork: gorgeous Shirley Eaton murdered with gold paint; silent henchman Oddjob and his deadly bowler hat; 007 spread-eagled on a table as a laser-beam heads toward his crotch; Honor Blackman’s sexy pilot, Pussy Galore, as the first of many man-hating supermodels to come; and the initial appearance of Q and the incredible tricked-out Aston-Martin DB5. Come help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of “the best of all the Bonds” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times) with this beautiful new digital restoration.