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Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon

  • Directed by: Douglas Tirola
  • USA/UK, 2015, 93 minutes
  • In English
  • Southeast premiere
  • Rated NR

Featuring rare and never-before-seen footage, this is the hilarious story of The National Lampoon from its subversive and electrifying beginnings as the magazine for the counterculture, to rebirth as a Hollywood power. Spawned at Harvard by the wonderfully warped minds of Doug Kenney and Henry Beard as a darker, more adult version of Mad Magazine, Lampoon’s passion for the absurd and irreverent went on to spank every available social taboo in the early ‘70s. The unique cocktail of high satire and gallows humor exploded onto America’s consciousness, attracting visionary talents such as Belushi, Murray, Chase, Ramis, Radner, and Guest, whose comedic force helped expand the magazine’s spirit to radio, stage, and film. A humor empire like no other, the impact of the magazine’s shocking sensibility was nothing short of seismic—alumni left their fingerprints all over popular culture for the next four decades, including SNL, SCTV, Animal House, and the Vacation movies. Enlightening, inflammatory, and brilliantly entertaining, this is required viewing for anyone who loves to laugh.