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Druid Peak

Druid Peak FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: Marni Zelnick
  • USA, 2013, 111 minutes
  • In English
  • Southeast Premiere

Seventeen-year-old Owen (Spencer Treat Clark, Borachio in Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing) is a bully with no remorse, growing up in the coal country of West Virginia. After he causes the death of a friend in a senseless road accident, he is sent to Wyoming to live with his estranged father (Andrew Wilson, Rushmore), who works with the wolf relocation project in Yellowstone National Park. In this spectacular setting Owen comes of age, aided by the power, intelligence, and spirit of the wolves. Marni Zelnick’s script and direction combine concerns of conservation and self-worth together without clichés or easy answers. In this wonderful film, which also co-stars Rachel Korine (Spring Breakers) as the daughter of a cattle rancher who befriends Owen, we see that the place of wilderness in the human experience is as necessary as food, shelter, or love. If your children are teens, or about to be teens, or even if you just know teens, bring them along.