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Deep City

Deep City FFF 2014
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  • Directed by: Marlon Johnson, Dennis Scholl, and Chad Tingle
  • USA, 2013, 55 minutes

Who knew? Deep behind the fence that Jim Crow built in the 1960s, a local soul music scene blossomed in Miami. Yes, Miami—often best known for KC and the Sunshine Band—once nourished a homegrown R&B sound that could have given Motown a run for its money. It had the talent, it had the songs, and most importantly, it had a terrific local label known as Deep City which captured it all. Sadly, what it lacked was the payola funding to get these records played on the radio. So despite recording soul legend Betty Wright when she was only 12 years old (!), Deep City faded into obscurity, only to be discovered decades later by record collectors and UK club DJs. Here's the rare music film that introduces fans to a slice of history hitherto unknown. Sit back and embrace the groove.