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Chu and Blossom

  • Directed by: Charles Chu and Gavin Kelly
  • USA, 2014, 103 minutes

Joon Chu (co-writer and co-director Charles Chu) is an unusually tall exchange student from South Korea who is having a hard time acclimating to American life. Hosted by the rather eccentric Mrs. Fefterg (Academy Award®-winner Mercedes Ruehl, The Fisher King ), Joon struggles with classmates who don’t understand him, and an overall clash of cultures starts to take a real toll. Then he meets the crass but likeable Butch Blossom (co-writer Ryan O’Nan, Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best, FFF 2012), whose insane anti-authority performance art pieces and stunts slowly lure Joon out of his shell. Joon’s immersion into the world of creativity challenges all his expectations and yields a new kind of education for him as well as a bond with his extremely charming classmate Cherry Swade (Caitlin Stasey). An outstanding supporting cast, including Melanie Lynskey, Alan Cumming, Annie Potts, and Richard Kind, round out this awkwardly sweet, belated coming-of-age comedy.