• Sat, April 22nd 2:00PM - 3:30PM Regal Winter Park Village A

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  • Directed by: Andreas Johnsen
  • Denmark/Netherlands/France/Germany, 2016, 73 minutes

Part eco-doc, part food film, BUGS begs the question: how tasty can a queen termite really be?  This gorgeous film features two intrepid researchers from the Nordic Food Lab, who travel the world in search of exquisite insect flavors. Not only do they seek cultures in Australia, Kenya, Uganda, Italy, Japan, and more that feast on crawly things, they work to create haute cuisine from local maggots and bees. And young chef Ben Reade and food-science researcher Josh Evans eat it all. The founders of the world-renowned Danish Restaurant NOMA created the Nordic Food Lab as a “non-profit, self-governed, open-source institution that investigates food diversity and deliciousness.” These young missionaries are as concerned with sustainability and economics as with good food, which makes BUGS a beautiful, insightful, worldwide investigation into the complicated promise of protein from insects.

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