Turning the Tables: Renegade Women of Early Cinema

Turning the Tables: Renegade Women of Early Cinema

Wednesday, April 17


Location: Enzian Theater

Wednesday, April 17, 11AM–12:30 PM at Enzian


FREE and open to the public!


Elizabeth Weitzman, film journalist for The Wrap and senior film critic for the New York Daily News from 2000 to 2015, has written about entertainment for publications like The New York Times, Village Voice, Marie Claire, and Harper’s Bazaar. Her new book, Renegade Women in Film & TV, chronicles the fascinating history of Hollywood pioneers on-screen and off.  For this very special and highly entertaining presentation, Ms. Weitzman will take us back to the beginning by presenting five seminal works by women who were true mavericks of the silent era: Alice Guy-Blaché (“Mixed Pets,” 1911), Mabel Norman (“Mabel’s Blunder,” 1914), Helen Holmes (“Hazards of Helen: The Wild Engine – Ep. 26,” 1915), Grace Cunard (“A Daughter of the Law,” 1921), and Angela Murray Gibson (“That Ice Ticket,” 1923).  Following the event, Ms. Weitzman will be available for a book signing.