We Used to Know Each Other

We Used to Know Each Other

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Competition Narrative Feature

We Used to Know Each Other

Directed by: Robert G. Putka

USA/Portugal/UK, 2019, 74m


North American Premiere

*Talent in attendance for second screening


With the strain of miles separating them, Hugo and Amanda make a last-ditch attempt to save a relationship in free fall. Willingly, if uncomfortably, jumping into domesticity, they awkwardly reunite and attempt to reconnect, but learn they might no longer be the person the other fell in love with in the first place. Over the course of three days in the dried-out desert oasis of suburban Las Vegas, We Used to Know Each Other has the goods on the impossibility of long-distance love, growing and changing as an individual, and the disharmony those things create. It teaches us that—in the end—there are no rules in love, and that we should become who we’ve always wanted to meet (and then some). The latest uncomfortable work from the writer/director of Mad (FFF 2016), We Used to Know Each Other crafts a unique and honest comedy/drama about growth, change, and the ultimate quest to reconnect with ourselves.