The Territory

The Territory

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Spotlight Film

The Territory

Directed by: Alex Pritz

Brazil/Denmark/USA, 2022, 83m

In Portuguese and Tupi with English subtitles

East Coast Premiere

From producer Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) and director Alex Pritz comes the story of the Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau people of Brazil. What might have once been described as “deep in the rainforest” is now on the front lines of a battle between an indigenous tribe on the verge of extinction and the logging company dead set on clear-cutting the area to make room for more illegal farming. With the looming election of a new president who is against protecting native lands, the fight becomes desperate for the Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau. But before all is lost, the election of a younger tribal leader leads to a surprising turn of events in the fight to save the rainforest: technology! Armed with spears and digital cameras, the less than 200 people of the tribe can now bravely show the world what they are fighting for and who they are fighting against. Winner of the Audience Award: World Cinema Documentary and the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury awards at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, The Territory is both beautiful and devastating—part environmental thriller, part war movie, and beyond that, an incredible exploration of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.