Space Happy: Phil Thomas Katt and the Uncharted Zone

Space Happy: Phil Thomas Katt and the Uncharted Zone

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Competition Documentary Feature

Space Happy: Phil Thomas Katt and the Uncharted Zone

Directed by: Louis Crisitello

USA, 2023, 56min

Florida Premiere

Florida has its own music-video producing version of Anvil: a group of ragtag artists making “so bad, it’s good” music and videos in Pensacola, under the direction of the musician, videographer, and radio/TV host Phil Thomas Katt. Gloriously entertaining, Space Happy frames these eccentric artists in an incredibly endearing light. While it would be easy to poke fun at Phil’s life’s work, based on his outlook, he perhaps has the secrets to happiness figured out far more than the rest of us. Undeterred by not “making it” under the traditional metrics for success, Phil does what he loves simply because he loves it. In this testament to positivity in art, Phil and his friends champion local talent, and in turn, his devoted fanbase see him as talented, committed, kind, creative, and, above all, a unique individual. Spanning over five decades of footage, Space Happy is a portrayal of creative minds pursuing art against all odds and never giving up on their dreams.

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