Shorts #4: I’m Free

Shorts #4: I’m Free

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Shorts #4: I’m Free

Total Running Time: 97 MIN

The world doesn’t make it easy to be yourself. Power-tripping bosses, oppressive beauty standards, sometimes even ambitious young assassins all try to swoop in and make you behave the way they want you to. Here are seven stories of people putting their foot down, be it explosively or poetically, and saying no—I am free.

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Shorts #4: “I’m Free”

F^¢K ‘€M R!GHT B@¢K

Directed by: Harris Doran

USA, 2022, 13m

A Baltimore rapper accidentally gets high after a show and, knowing the vindictive supervisor at his civil-servant workplace intends to “randomly” drug test him, he attempts extreme detoxification to keep his job.

Shorts #4: “I’m Free”


Directed by: Gosha Shapiro

USA, 2022, 15m

Inspired by cosplay advice videos on TikTok, a gender-fluid teen uses rideshare trips to try on different personas in a quest to determine their own identity.

Shorts #4: “I’m Free”

Sweet Dreams Baby Girl

Directed by: Jennifer Daley

USA, 2021, 14m

A well-meaning young woman accompanies her best friend to Tijuana so his dog can have surgery, but resentments and repressed feelings boil to the surface after a drunken night of mistakes and miscommunication.

Shorts #4: “I’m Free”

The Coupon

Directed by: Laura Seay

USA, 2021, 18m

A woman finds herself embroiled in a Kafkaesque legal nightmare when her husband gives away the cutesy romantic coupon she made for him to a stranger, and that stranger shows up on her doorstep demanding she honor it.

Shorts #4: “I’m Free”

Pretty, Please

Directed by: Jonathan Hoeg

USA, 2022, 14m

A young woman (writer KayKay Blaisdell) struggles to emancipate herself from the standards of femininity that have been foisted upon her by society, her peers, and even her own mother ever since her infancy.

Shorts #4: “I’m Free”

The Last Ferry From Grass Island

Directed by: Linhan Zhang

USA/Hong Kong, 2021, 13m

In Cantonese and Mandarin with English subtitles

In this serene and elegant take on an archetypal action story, a retired hitman living an unassuming life as a fisherman is visited by a fledgling assassin tasked with eliminating him.

Shorts #4: “I’m Free”

Daddy’s Girl

Directed by: Lena Hudson

USA, 2022, 10m

A wily young woman enlists the help of her affable father (played by Succession’s Peter Friedman) to move out of her older boyfriend’s apartment, and by way of half-truths, omissions, and a little cannabis, she convinces him to help her steal a really nice couch.