Shorts #4: Got a Hold on Me

Shorts #4: Got a Hold on Me

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Shorts #4: Got a Hold on Me

Brace yourself. The films in this program are not concerned with comforting you; they’re here to grab you by the throat and shake all your preconceptions loose. It’s a daunting task, but if you can open your mind and put yourself in a vulnerable space, you might find yourself changed on the other side. Are you ready to see this world in a new way?

My Favorites

Shorts #4: “Got a Hold on Me”

She’s Clean

Directed by: Jenn Harris

USA, 2023, 15m

Jenn Harris (“Island Queen,” FFF 2020) writes, directs, and stars in this achingly personal story of a woman who chooses to share her most intimate space—her bathroom—with her lovers, exposing herself to a plenitude of reactions.

Shorts #4: “Got a Hold on Me”


Directed by: Samm Hodges

USA, 2023, 17m

When his mother’s boyfriend flies into an irrational rage, a sensitive teen is presented with an opportunity to decide what kind of man he wants to be.

Shorts #4: “Got a Hold on Me”

Edvard Takes a Lover

Directed by: Tom E. Brown

USA, 2022, 4m

Stricken by his isolation, an aging loner is inspired by a famous movie to look for companionship from an improbable partner in this new film from FFF award-winning director Tom E. Brown (Pushing Dead, 2017).

Shorts #4: “Got a Hold on Me”

Play This at My Funeral

Directed by: Ray Smiling

USA, 2022, 8m

A mixtape of three quick-moving tales from NYC, threaded together by the foundational importance of music in everyone’s lives.

Shorts #4: “Got a Hold on Me”

Mahogany Drive

Directed by: Jerah Milligan

USA, 2023, 13m

Three Black men struggle (with varying degrees of success) to maintain their composure as dead white women begin to mysteriously pile up on the floor of their Airbnb in this outlandish horror-comedy.

Shorts #4: “Got a Hold on Me”


Directed by: Tij D’oyen

USA, 2022, 10m

In Greek with English subtitles

A young woman watches, with a complicated sort of envy, as the sexy bisexual boy next door lounges by his pool, taking lover after lover, and living a sensual life devoid of inhibition.

Shorts #4: “Got a Hold on Me”

Write a Song about Heartache

Directed by: Jonny Look

USA, 2023, 13m

Desperate to get back into the limelight, a has-been country-western singer (Whitmer Thomas, The Civil Dead, FFF 2022) browbeats his captive muse to write a new hit song.

Shorts #4: “Got a Hold on Me”

Run Amok

Directed by: Nitzan Mager

USA, 2023, 12m

In the wake of a tragedy, a precocious student composes a musical drama, centered on her harp, to memorialize the fallen, but her school’s administrators balk at the content.