Shorts #4: “Chain of Fools”

Shorts #4: “Chain of Fools”

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Shorts #4: “Chain of Fools”

Total Runtime: 91 min

*Talent in attendance for all screenings


Most of the people (and dogs) in this collection of alternately strange, scary, and side-splitting shorts aren’t fooling anyone, any of the time, least of all themselves. You’d be a fool to miss this program that’s always the buzz of the fest.

Shorts #4: "Chain of Fools"

Technology Lake: Meditations on Death and Sex

Directed by: Brandon Daley

USA, 2019, 8m

The exquisitely toasted mind behind “Savasana” (FFF 2016) returns with this even more out-there tale of a dog, her owner, and the perils of modern technology.

Shorts #4: "Chain of Fools"


Directed by: Celine Held, Logan George

USA, 2019, 12m

The winners of last year’s Special Jury Award for Directing (“Caroline,” FFF 2018) are back with an equally disquieting portrait of teen longing in the age of active shooter drills.

Shorts #4: "Chain of Fools"


Directed by: Alex Kavutskiy

USA, 2018, 16m

From the co-writer/-director of “Judy” (FFF 2017) comes this deadpan drill-down into a skimpy apology’s uncomfortable aftermath.

Shorts #4: "Chain of Fools"

The Five Minutes

Directed by: Shange Zhang

USA, 2018, 9m


A grieving businessman uses a special phone booth to contact his dead wife in the past.

Shorts #4: "Chain of Fools"

Hook Up 2.0

Directed by: Dana Nachman

USA, 2019, 7.5m

The creator of the heartwarming documentaries Batkid Begins and Pick of the Litter pivots with this razor-sharp take on the convergence of mobile apps and casual sex.

Shorts #4: "Chain of Fools"

Dog in the Woods

Directed by: Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman

USA, 2019, 5.5m

This dog’s sense of smell evolved over millions of years in the wild to become orders-of-magnitude more sensitive than our own. What’s that like?

Shorts #4: "Chain of Fools"

How to Be Alone

Directed by: Kate Trefry

USA, 2019, 13m

This Stranger Things writer’s taut directorial debut stalks a woman (Maika Monroe, It Follows) whose fears spring to lurid neon life after her husband (Joe Keery, Stranger Things) leaves for his night shift.

Shorts #4: "Chain of Fools"

The Toll Road

Directed by: Tom Riley

USA, 2019, 20m

Eccentric lovebirds (Lizzy Caplan, Masters of Sex, and Martin Starr, Silicon Valley) on the eve of their ninth wedding anniversary face an obnoxious adversary (Orlando’s own Billy Gardell, Mike & Molly) in this darkly droll charmer.