Shorts #3: “You Might Think

Shorts #3: “You Might Think

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Shorts #3: “You Might Think

Crazy, delirious, hysterical, wild, and foolish… something for every mood! This program will take you on a journey of wonder and make you question even your closest held truths.

Shorts #3: "You Might Think


Directed by: Nicole Delaney

USA, 2019, 12m

Part Little Mermaid, part vampire-comedy, a mosquito (Maya Rudolph, Bridesmaids) looking for love falls for a man (Jay Ellis, Insecure) after tasting his blood.

Shorts #3: "You Might Think


Directed by: Aly Migliori

USA, 2019, 11m

With no choice but to walk home alone, Hannah (Helena Howard, Madeline’s Madeline) sees an opportunity for a ride, but others see an opportunity in Hannah—in this latest film from Aly Migliori (“After Her,” FFF 2018).

Shorts #3: "You Might Think

Tell Her It’s Over

Directed by: Joanna Leeds

USA, 2020, 10m

A hapless therapist struggles to get through an awkward session with an opinionated young woman and her fiancé.

Shorts #3: "You Might Think

Master Maggie

Directed by: Matthew Bonifacio

USA, 2019, 22m

Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas) is Maggie, the best of acting coaches. Brian Dennehy (Cocoon) and Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live) are easy students compared to the challenge that barges in unexpectedly. A new work from NY filmmaker Matthew Bonifacio (“Fortune House,” FFF 2014; Lbs., FFF 2005).

Shorts #3: "You Might Think

Ear Ache

Directed by: Alex Kavutskiy

USA, 2020, 15m

A struggling actor suffering from a debilitating and recurring ear infection finds blame in everyone but himself for his failures. A new film from the director responsible for “Squirrel,” FFF 2019).

Shorts #3: "You Might Think

He’s the One

Directed by: Jessie Kahnweiler

USA, 2020, 10m

A dark comedy from the director of “Meet My Rapist” (FFF 2014) about falling in love with the ONE person you should hate.

Shorts #3: "You Might Think

Baby Kate

Directed by: Jennifer LaFleur

USA, 2020, 12m

A minefield of grief and sadness lies below a couple’s last meeting to finalize their divorce. Co-starring Jason Ritter, this is the directorial debut of actress Jennifer Lafleur (Mad, FFF 2016).