Shorts #3: You Just May Be the One

Shorts #3: You Just May Be the One

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Shorts #3: You Just May Be the One

Total Running Time: 96 MIN

We all need someone in our lives — someone to love us, someone to help us through confusing journeys, sometimes someone just to turn the music down. The people at the centers of these stories search among strangers and intimates alike, hoping the one they find may be the one.

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Shorts #3: “You Just May Be the One”

Training Wheels

Directed by: Alison Rich

USA, 2022, 15m

In this hilarious and touching tale written and directed by and starring Alison Rich (“The Other Morgan,” FFF 2021), a successful but socially awkward woman hires an escort to teach her the ins and outs of dating—but just the PG stuff.

Shorts #3: “You Just May Be the One”


Directed by: Beck Kitsis and Chris McNabb

USA, 2022, 10m

Co-directors Kitsis (“The Three Men You Meet at Night,” FFF 2020) and McNabb explore the unexpected complications that arise, with gender and identity in flux, as Corey and Mia struggle to redefine their relationship.

Shorts #3: “You Just May Be the One”

Mammalian Diving Reflex

Directed by: Caroline Conrad

USA, 2021, 10m

At a party thrown by a once-close friend, a young woman learns a chilling fact about her own abusive ex, but she is more distressed by her friend’s nonchalance over the matter.

Shorts #3: “You Just May Be the One”

Harvest Bowl

Directed by: Cody Kostro

USA, 2021, 7m

Two 19th-century women, preparing sweet potatoes for a harvest time festival, trade passive-aggressive barbs over their veiled iniquities in this wildly ribald period piece from the director of “I’m Rapper Girlfriend” (FFF 2021).

Shorts #3: “You Just May Be the One”


Directed by: Zane Rubin

USA, 2022, 12m

Drunk on the attentions of an older boy, a teenage girl accepts an invitation back to his house to listen to records, but she soon finds that he wants to enjoy more than just the music.

Shorts #3: “You Just May Be the One”

A Balcony in Brooklyn

Directed by: Dennis Williams II, Gladimir Gelin

USA, 2021, 9m

At the height of lockdown in New York City, a man awakens to find the apartment that he’s just moved into is bursting at the seams with revelers enjoying an illicit house party.

Shorts #3: “You Just May Be the One”

Lux Noctis

Directed by: Damiana Acuña

USA, 2022, 12m

In an isolated and timeless community, a hesitant young woman is conscripted to perform an arduous ritual designed to bring light to the darkness.

Shorts #3: “You Just May Be the One”

The Lizard Laughed

Directed by: Allen Cordell

USA, 2022, 21m

In this breathtaking love letter to New Mexico’s backcountry, an aging rambler (Sky Elobar, FFF 2016’s The Greasy Strangler) is confronted by the son he abandoned long ago, resulting in an awkward reunion between the tortured young man and his unperturbed father.