Shorts #3: Too Much Too Young

Shorts #3: Too Much Too Young

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Shorts #3: Too Much Too Young

A woman afraid to dance. A man afraid to talk to women. A delivery driver’s unusual relationship with a customer. Two sisters battling grief in their own ways. A queer woman’s search for love. A mother/daughter battle for a ladder. A bad dad on his death bed. All our films in this program have characters who have lived through something, and perhaps they’ve seen too much, done too much, too much too young.

My Favorites

Shorts #3: “Too Much Too Young”

Catching Spirits

Directed by: Vanessa Beletic

USA, 2022, 13m

Destiny has been told since childhood she has seizures when she dances, yet she is tormented by voices in her head, calling her to “test the waters.”

Shorts #3: “Too Much Too Young”


Directed by: Bobby Louise and Brig

USA, 2023, 13m

A food-app delivery driver forges an unusually strong connection with her first delivery of the day.

Shorts #3: “Too Much Too Young”

Jelly Bean

Directed by: Nessa Norich

USA, 2022, 14m

Rezyl is a queer woman earnestly seeking romance on dating apps that she can not hack. Lacking any strategy to vet a perfect match, she decides to date whomever the algorithms choose.

Shorts #3: “Too Much Too Young”

Passing Through

Directed by: Erica Alexandria Silverman

USA, 2023, 19m

A young woman connects with her hedonist father in the most unlikely of places—a hospice facility in South Florida.

Shorts #3: “Too Much Too Young”

Hold to Dash

Directed by: John Connor Hammond

USA, 2023, 15m

Neil Durst (Jack Dunphy, “Brontosaurus,” FFF 2021) makes a living streaming his gaming skills to an audience of undersexed males. When he’s asked on a date by a female fan, Neil must leave his bedroom and take a plunge into the real world. From the director of “ASMR for White Liberals” (FFF 2021).

Shorts #3: "Too Much Too Young"

Cold & Sara

Directed by: Brenna Power

USA, 2023, 11m

As Sara endlessly searches for the “right” way to deal with her sister’s deep mourning over her best friend’s death, they both learn how uncomfortable the grieving process can be.

Shorts #3: “Too Much Too Young”

Sulam (Ladder)

Directed by: Noam Argov

USA, 2023, 11m

In English and Hebrew with English subtitles

When an immigrant teen in Orlando must help her mother buy a ladder before a school exam, tensions of belonging in a new country bubble to the surface.