Shorts #2: “Think”

Shorts #2: “Think”

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Shorts #2: “Think”

Total Runtime: 96 min

*Talent in attendance for all screenings


From science fiction to outright ridiculous fiction, this shorts program includes stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think about the world we’re living in.

Shorts #2: "Think"

Dominant Species

Directed by: Joseph Sackett

USA, 2019, 19m

An alien species comes to Earth and uses ten men as host bodies. “Father” teaches them how to be men in order to blend in. But #10 doesn’t want to be a man.

Shorts #2: "Think"

Party of One

Directed by: Alex Simmons

USA, 2019, 9m

From Alex Simmons (Honey Buddies, FFF 2016 Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature) comes every pregnant woman’s unapologetic, self-indulgent fantasy about doing whatever the hell she wants.

Shorts #2: "Think"

Sorry, Not Sorry

Directed by: Monique Sorgen

USA, 2019, 7.5m

When a man eats his wife’s plums even though she asks him not to, the most ridiculous and passive aggressive tit-for-tat contest you’ve ever seen is set in motion. Featuring M. Emmet Walsh and Wallace Langham.

Shorts #2: "Think"


Directed by: Julio O. Ramos

USA, 2018, 14m


When an undocumented construction worker gets injured on the job, the boss doesn’t want anyone leaving the property. He wants to fix the problem himself. From FFF alum Julio Ramos (“Una carrerita, Doctor!” FFF 2011).

Shorts #2: "Think"


Directed by: Ryan Darbonne

USA, 2019, 10m

When an all-black punk band drives through Texas for their tour, they encounter both subtle and overt racism from white hipsters who “get” their culture. How fun!

Shorts #2: "Think"

Will “The Machine”

Directed by: Kent Lamm

USA, 2019, 13.5m

Pride and ambition run rampant when a single-minded high school football star finally meets his match.

Shorts #2: "Think"


Directed by: Lisa Edelstein

USA, 2018, 15m

One woman (Lisa Edelstein, TV’s House, The Kominsky Method) discovers her husband (James Le Gros/Jason Lewis) isn’t who she thinks he is after finding a zipper under his tongue. When she pulls it, her entire life starts to unravel.

Shorts #2: "Think"


Directed by: Leah Shore

USA/Canada, 2018, 8m

FFF alumnus Leah Shore (“Old Man,” FFF 2013) brings us yet another unique tale—this time, about a pregnant woman who can see and talk to the adorable cartoon ghost of her dead husband.