Shorts #2: Come See About Me

Shorts #2: Come See About Me

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Shorts #2: Come See About Me

Total Running Time: 96 MIN

These shorts all have characters searching for something, and their smiles have turned into tears. Whether this means performing comedy while processing recent trauma, seeking validation from a roommate, or asking for help from the only other person on the subway platform, sometimes outcomes don’t turn out the way we hope.

My Favorites

Shorts #2: “Come See About Me”


Directed by: April Moreau

USA, 2022, 15m

In the days following a traumatic event, a stand-up comedian fails to find solace in comedy.

Shorts #2: “Come See About Me”

The Dogfriend

Directed by: Fredgy Noel

USA, 2021, 13m

A lonely young woman in New York City makes a wish for “man’s best friend” to become her male companion. *wink*

Shorts #2: “Come See About Me”

Girls & The Party

Directed by: Paloma López

USA, 2021, 5m

Between boy talk and makeup, a young woman navigates her blossoming attraction for her friend.

Shorts #2: “Come See About Me”

The Event

Directed by: Frank Mosley and Hugo De Sousa

USA, 2022, 11m

Directors Frank Mosely and Hugo de Souza (star of this year’s feature film Mister Limbo) are Vince and Jack, two roommates who have a very heated conversation at far too late an hour.

Shorts #2: “Come See About Me”

Hold Up

Directed by: Alex Rollins Berg

USA, 2022, 15m

When a homeless man approaches him on the subway platform, Graham’s night takes an unexpected turn.

Shorts #2: “Come See About Me”

Hide and Seek (Las Escondidas)

Directed by: Ragini Bhasin

USA, 2021, 11m

In Spanish with English subtitles

When a mechanic instructs his young daughter to tend to a little boy, jealousy dictates her actions. From the director of “Ghazaal” (FFF 2020).

Shorts #2: “Come See About Me”

In the Water

Directed by: Drew Highlands

USA, 2022, 10m

While hooking up at a party, two high schoolers unearth a dark secret leading to an unexpected catharsis.

Shorts #2: “Come See About Me”

Silent Partner

Directed by: Aristotle Torres

USA, 2021, 16m

An accomplished Black trial attorney successfully defends a white woman charged with murder. Then he and his wife attend a dinner party, which brings promise of promotion to partner.