Shorts #1: Keep on Moving

Shorts #1: Keep on Moving

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Shorts #1: Keep on Moving

Total Running Time: 93 MIN

Sometimes persistence can pay off in small or large ways, whether it means wading through the long months of quarantine, a test of patience at game night with your partner’s family, or tracking down your significant other in the Russian wilderness. Lord knows, we gotta keep on moving!

My Favorites

Shorts #1: "Keep on Moving"

The Longest Day of the Year

Directed by: Lauren Hoover

USA, 2021, 10m

A comedic look at the lives of three roommates as they endure quarantine, in this directorial debut from the co-producer of “Alone Again (Naturally)” (FFF 2021).

Shorts #1: "Keep on Moving"

The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night

Directed by: Fawzia Mirza

USA/Canada, 2021, 11m

From the writer/director/star of “I Know Her” (FFF 2020), a queer Pakistani Muslim woman brings her Puerto Rican partner home for the first time on the family’s annual game night.

Shorts #1: "Keep on Moving"


Directed by: Hannah Peterson

USA, 2022, 8m

From the director of “East of the River” (FFF 2019), a teen reveals a dark secret to her teammates, and together they find a fitting way to cope.

Shorts #1: "Keep on Moving"


Directed by: William Pisciotta

USA, 2022, 18m

Set in South Florida, a young woman in the pool cleaning industry, desperate to alter her lot in life, soon finds there is no easy way out.

Shorts #1: "Keep on Moving"

The Downpour

Directed by: Jade Courtney Edwards

USA, 2021, 11m

In English and Arabic with English subtitles

When their car breaks down in rural America, a Muslim couple comes face-to-face with a farm’s owner.

Shorts #1: "Keep on Moving"

Dear Mama…

Directed by: Winter Dunn

USA, 2022, 14m

Set in 1996, an artistic teen and her father learn of Tupac’s death and grapple with the emotional aftermath of their own tragedy.

Shorts #1: "Keep on Moving"


Directed by: Ashley Eakin

USA, 2022, 10m

From the director of “Single” (FFF 2021), two disabled college students get placed together as dorm roommates and embark on a quest to party.

Shorts #1: "Keep on Moving"

A Significant Problem

Directed by: Trish Harnetiaux

USA, 2022, 11m

The director of “You Wouldn’t Understand” (FFF 2021) returns with this hilarious tale of a Special Ops marine with marital problems, who is investigating a Russian safehouse and is blindsided when her husband arrives—fresh off a flight from Newark.