Shorts #1: “Grievances”

Shorts #1: “Grievances”

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Shorts #1: “Grievances”

This program examines different aspects of the human condition—from a teen who just wants to skate and a young black man’s encounter with a person in need, to a complicated father/daughter relationship and a boy named Bear. These films are populated by a cast of characters all searching for meaning inside themselves or in others.

Shorts #1: "Grievances"

Island Queen

Directed by: Zackary Grady and Jenn Harris

USA, 2020, 10m

On the day a teenage hockey player plans to sneak away for figure skating tryouts, he gets trapped on a ferry boat in this hilarious short featuring the talents of Rachel Dratch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Shorts #1: "Grievances"

Black Goat

Directed by: Tang Yi

USA/Hong Kong, 2019, 12m


A young Nepali girl at a Buddhist nunnery gets her first period after hearing a late-night ghost story.

Shorts #1: "Grievances"

Little Chief

Directed by: Erica Tremblay

USA, 2020, 12m

The lives of a Native-American woman and a troubled, nine-year-old boy intersect over the course of a day at a struggling reservation school in Oklahoma.

Shorts #1: "Grievances"


Directed by: Casey Wilson

USA, 2019, 18m

“Based on real death events.” A year after the sudden passing of their beloved wife and mother, a dad (Michael McKean) and daughter (filmmaker Casey Wilson) grapple with life after loss, often with unexpected comedic flair. Adam Pally and June Diane Raphael co-star in this awkward family comedy.

Shorts #1: "Grievances"

Feeling Through

Directed by: Doug Roland

USA, 2019, 18m

If you happened upon a deafblind person on a street corner with a sign, what would you do?

Shorts #1: "Grievances"

Oh, Baby!

Directed by: Brooke Trantor

USA, 2020, 11m

Jane is sexy, single, and looking for one last night of fun before her life changes forever.

Shorts #1: "Grievances"

Union County

Directed by: Adam Meeks

USA, 2020, 14m

A young man in rural Ohio navigates a court-ordered drug recovery program and the unwelcome return of his ex-girlfriend.