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Spotlight Film


Directed by: Andrew Semans

USA, 2022, 103m

East Coast Premiere

Margaret (Rebecca Hall, BAFTA award-nominee for Passing) is a career-driven single mother, raising a fiercely independent daughter Abbie (Grace Kaufman, TV’s Man with a Plan) who is preparing to leave for college. One day Margaret’s well-manicured life is upended when she notices a man, just in the distance, watching her. Instantly she recognizes this dangerous relic from a past she thought she had left far behind. Enter David (Tim Roth, Pulp Fiction), a former lover from an inappropriate and abusive teenage romance. Decades after Margaret vanished from his life, David has finally tracked her down in America, and he has unfinished business to attend to. In unsettling and nerve-wracking form, writer/director Andrew Seman’s (Nancy, Please; FFF 2013) first film in a decade is a tense psychological drama that starts as a slow-burn mystery before accelerating into a break-neck nightmare thriller. Hall commands the screen, and Roth exudes menace with every wicked and sneering syllable of his performance. Resurrection will leave you breathless with anticipation as it barrels toward its earth-shattering conclusion.