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Opening Night Film


Directed by: Todd Thompson

USA, 2022, 91m

Exclusive First Look

John, Paul, George…and Colin? Based on the book of the same name by musician Colin Hanton with Colin Hall—custodian for John Lennon’s childhood home—PRE FAB! is the story of one man, his drums, and the teenage John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison. Hanton serves as tour guide through this fascinating and highly entertaining chronicle of the rise of “skiffle” music (an acoustic blend of folk, blues, and jazz) and its impact on post-World War II British youth, the influence of American rock ’n’ roll, and how a boy named John Lennon rounded up his closest friends to learn music and form a group in 1956 called the Quarry Men that would evolve in just a few years into the biggest and most influential band in music history—The Beatles. Focusing mainly on the years 1956-59, the film provides incredible insight into not only Colin and John’s early musical adventures, but a vivid social history of post-war Liverpool and Britain. Hanton was a Quarry Man when both Paul McCartney and George Harrison joined the group, and he tells the story of these heady and history-in-the-making days with both pride and a tinge of regret. Skillfully combining archival footage, home movies, photographs, film clips, and music of the period, along with interviews with the surviving Quarry Men, Paul McCartney, Mike Pender, Billy Bragg, Peter Asher, family, friends, Liverpool residents and many others, Orlando’s own Todd Thompson (Woman in Motion, FFF 2019) has created a joyous and enlightening documentary that will open eyes and bring a smile to your face. Peter Jackson’s Get Back was the epic and surprising conclusion to the Beatles story; PRE FAB! is where it all began.

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A Cartoon of a Cat Sleeping

A brand new world premiere from Central Florida’s own Randall Christopher (director of the Oscar-qualified short “The Driver Is Red,” FFF 2018)—Kleeman and Mike are back! After a nine-year hiatus (“Backyard Jam,” FFF 2013 Grand Jury Award for Best Animated Short), the boys return as the circus literally comes to town. Meanwhile, the family cat just wants to nap in front of the living room window…

USA, 2022, 7m, Directed by Randall Christopher