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Midnight Movie


Directed by: Carlota Pereda

Spain, 2022, 90m

In Spanish with English subtitles

East Coast Premiere

Firebrand Spanish filmmaker Carlota Pereda took Florida Film Festival audiences by storm in 2020 when her short film “Piggy” won the Audience Award for Best International Short. Now Pereda has returned with an expanded version of this harrowing genre tale of bullying and revenge. “Piggy” is the vicious nickname for Sara, a sullen, overweight teenage girl in rural Spain, who spends her days lost in music, reluctantly helping her father at the local butcher shop, and lying to her overbearing mother about her happiness. Small-town trauma has been the seeds of many great pieces of art because small towns have lots of secrets, and often blind eyes are turned to bad behavior. But beyond a trio of mean girls (including Sara’s former best friend) endlessly harassing her, Sara’s seemingly quaint village also has a serial killer on the loose, and he’s taken a very specific interest in her. Fans of the short film (which also won the Russo Brothers fellowship at Slamdance) will not want to miss the explosive and bloody evolution of Sara’s story!