Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles

Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles

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Food Film

Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles

Directed by: Laura Gabbert

USA, 2020, 75m

Southeast Premiere

Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles follows celebrity chef Yotam Ottolenghi on his fascinating quest to bring the sumptuous art and ornate decadence of Louis XIV’s Versailles to life—in cake form at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2018. He assembles a star-studded team—a veritable who’s who of the dessert world, including Dominique Ansel and Dinara Kasko—to help bring his vision to life and create a gala worthy of Marie Antoinette herself. But executing the innovative pastry chefs’ edible visions in a museum setting creates unexpected challenges, especially as the eyes of New York’s high society look on. Throughout the film, Ottolenghi acts as a guide, disassembling pastries to give us the history of ingredients that we now take for granted, like sugar and chocolate. In conversations with experts, we also get an insight into life at Versailles, including what went on in the kitchens. Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, art enthusiast, have a major sweet tooth, or just like watching dedicated professionals make gorgeous culinary creations, you’ll find something to truly savor in this yummy documentary.

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