Midnight Shorts

Midnight Shorts

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Midnight Shorts

Total Runtime: 91 min

*Talent in attendance for all screenings


This is what you wanted… Midnight shorts are back with 16 more slices of supreme insanity, absurd animation, giant penises, and actual child birth. There is pretty much nothing we won’t put on screen to shock and delight you. So, sit down, strap in, and stay hydrated (that means beer, people), or some of you are “Nagonamakit” to the end.

Midnight Short

Everything You Wanted to Know About Sudden Birth* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

Directed by: Scott Calonico

Germany/UK/USA, 2019, 11m

Scott Colonico (“The Irish Rovers,” FFF 2013) tells the true story of how the Berkeley police department, the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands, an Academy Award-winner, and Star Trek’s Mr. Spock are all connected by one of the most hilarious and disturbing educational films ever created.

Midnight Short

The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds

Directed by: Anthony Cousins

USA, 2018, 7.5m

The kids at Camp Nagonamakit are about to find out that some scary stories are more than just legend.

Midnight Short

Trump Bites: “I Do Have a Relationship with Him”

Directed by: Bill Plympton

USA, 2018, 1.5m

FFF icon Bill Plympton has a lot of thoughts about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Bill might be drawing the story, but Trump is painting the picture.

Midnight Short

Spa Day

Directed by: Nichola Latzgo

USA, 2018, 6m

A Seussian nightmare of alien-esque creatures in a series of twisted forms of relaxation.

Midnight Short

The Procedure 2

Directed by: Calvin Reeder

USA, 2019, 3m

If you saw FFF alumnus Calvin Reeder’s first film in this series, that’s all you need to know. If you didn’t…

Midnight Short

Gwilliam’s Tips for Turning Tricks into Treats

Directed by: Brian Lonano

USA, 2018, 3.5m

This is what you wanted…. a sequel.

Midnight Short

Special Day

Directed by: Teal Greyhavens

USA, 2018, 7m

Birthdays are a time for the whole family to come together.

Midnight Short

First Kiss

Directed by: Emily Hagins

USA, 2018, 6m

Halloween parties are for first kisses and scares. This film from director Emily Hagins (“My Sucky Teen Romance”) has both.

Midnight Short


Directed by: Trevor Anderson

Canada, 2019, 4m

Some shorts are just the perfect texture and the perfect length. This is two of them.

Midnight Short

Meat Eater

Directed by: Jared Callahan

USA, 2019, 2m

A woman in the woods makes her escape.

Midnight Short

Chicken Wraps and Condoms

Directed by: Jacob Gregor

USA, 2019, 8m

A darkly surreal and viciously bleak look at making YouTube videos.

Midnight Short

Craig’s Pathetic Freakout

Directed by: Graham Parkes

USA, 2019, 7m

After smoking some weed with a friend, Craig starts to worry that he’s trapped in a movie.

Midnight Short

Get Up, Pierrot

Directed by: Gurleen Rai, F. Anthony Shepherd

USA, 2018, 7m

The archetypal, sad clown, pining for true happiness but finding only failure and rejection in place of success.

Midnight Short


Directed by: Rob Savage

UK, 2018, 2m

Armed with a carton of salt, a woman (Alice Lowe, Sightseers, FFF 2013) protects her dying daughter from a demon.

Midnight Short

Black Spot

Directed by: Adam Mason

UK, 2019, 7.5m

In ancient pirate lore, a card with a black spot meant you had been judged, and death was coming. Adam Mason (“Empire of Dirt,” FFF 2018) is about to show us what that looks like.

Midnight Short

Chowboys: An American Folktale

Directed by: Astron-6

Canada, 2018, 8.5m

Those crazy Canadians Astron-6 (“The Editor,” FFF 2015) are back with this twisted tale of three cowboys—lost and freezing to death in the middle of winter. They crowd around a fire for warmth and grow slowly more paranoid.