Midnight Shorts

Midnight Shorts

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Midnight Shorts

More than just an assortment of the most bizarre and uncomfortably exciting content we could gather in one place, the legendary Midnight Shorts program is a collective experience designed to be seen as a singular journey into unbridled madness. With six world premieres and eight FFF-alum family members on display, get ready for an awkward reunion at the most insane party of the year.

Midnight Shorts


Directed by: Faiyaz Jafri

USA, 2019, 2m

Jack is naked. Jack is pretending to play guitar. Jack looks silly and vulnerable?

Midnight Shorts

Flowers and Love. And Death Metal.

Directed by: Waldemar Borth

Germany, 2020, 1m

A short film that shows what it feels like to become a father.

Midnight Shorts

The Devil’s Asshole

Directed by: Brian Lonano

USA, 2019, 5m

Midnight shorts icon Brian Lonano (“Gwilliam”) brings us the chili cook-off from hell. Like literally.

Midnight Shorts

Bad Hair

Directed by: Helen Räim

Estonia, 2019, 15m

Winner of the Audience Award for Best International Short at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival, this grotesque body-horror metamorphosis finds poor, balding Leo in for a lot more than he asked for when he tries a new hair growth formula.

Midnight Shorts

Hey Girl

Directed by: Mary Dauterman

USA, 2020, 2m

The team that brought you “White Rock Skate” (FFF 2019) welcomes you to a bachelorette party gone very, very wrong.

Midnight Shorts


Directed by: Aaron Morgan

USA, 2020, 6m

Two sisters have been driving all night when they come across a dilapidated roadside park and bathroom. Horrific events follow when one of them stumbles upon a strange message and a mischievous resident who wants to play a terrifying game.

Midnight Shorts


Directed by: Ashley Padilla

USA, 2019, 3m

A pair of small children explore the dangers of a Ouija board.

Midnight Shorts

Karaoke Night

Directed by: Francisco Lacerda

Portugal, 2019, 8m

In English, Portuguese, and Spanish with English Subtitles

In this new “Azores-ploitation” film, two sleazy tourists have the night of their lives at a karaoke bar when they meet an alluring young woman. Trust me… you’re not ready for this short!

Midnight Shorts

20 Seconds to Live: Fish

Directed by: Ben Rock

USA, 2019, 2m

Returning to the FFF, multi-alumni Ben Rock (The Blair Witch Project) and Bob DeRosa further explore the last few seconds of someone or something’s life.  Don’t worry… the fish will probably survive.

Midnight Shorts

Cosmic Spaghetti/An Existential Pastry

Directed by: Gurleen Rai

USA, 2019, 8m

Start out with a little bit of water, and you fry some garlic. Then you throw in some tomatoes and tomato paste. “Cosmic Spaghetti” is an experimental feminist think piece disguised as an absurdist comedy from the team that brought you “Get Up, Pierrot” (FFF 2019).

Midnight Shorts

Join Baron’s Dance Crew! Infomercial

Directed by: Leah Shore

USA, 2020, 1m

Hey kids! Ever wanted to dance and watch ‘toons? Well, now you can … thanks to animator and all-around madwoman Leah Shore—a filmmaker that has played in more categories at FFF than perhaps anyone else.

Midnight Shorts


Directed by: Andy London

USA, 2020, 3m

Goodbye happy vibes, and hello anxiety, obsession, and depression. Life after 50 isn’t for the faint-hearted. From the twisted mind of Andy London (“The English Teecher,” FFF 2019).

Midnight Shorts

My Body, Its Choice

Directed by: McKenzi Vanderberg

USA, 2020, 5m

FFF alum McKenzi Vanderberg (“The Fear of Being Uninteresting,” FFF 2014) graduates to the Midnight Shorts category with this satirical tale about a woman and her vagina that will leave you in stitches.

Midnight Shorts

The Altruist

Directed by: Matt Smith

USA, 2020, 35m

A mysterious man and woman are forced to navigate a stark and brutal calculus in hunger, sex, and death when routine facility maintenance veers wildly towards conflict and the instinct for self-preservation.