Marona’s Fantastic  Tale

Marona’s Fantastic Tale

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Family Film

Marona’s Fantastic Tale

Directed by: Anca Damian

France/Romania/Belgium, 2019, 92m

In French with English Subtitles

Southeast Premiere

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Recommended for ages 10 and up

It’s a dog’s life … and death. Literally. The end is the beginning for mixed-breed Marona, who “rewinds the film” of her life à la the three ages of man: childhood, youth, and old age. She does so humorously, endearingly, and surprisingly. As Marona travels from owner to owner, she reflects on her experiences (“A good sense of smell is worth a thousand words.”) and acutely observes human behavior. Because of her unconditional love and unfailing empathy, we see the footprints she leaves on human lives. Adults will appreciate the inventive animation styles—from cut-outs to 2 and 3D—all adapted to characterization, as well as some offbeat humor from director Anca Damian (“The Call,” FFF 2019).  Mature children will enjoy the pup’s behavior and the human antics as seen from a dog’s perspective. Dog lovers will fall for the charm of the cute mutt, and everybody will understand the message: to live in the present, connect to others, and enjoy the small things. Yes, Marona, the average can be extraordinary!