Long Flat Balls “Broken Promises”

Long Flat Balls “Broken Promises”

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International Showcase

Long Flat Balls “Broken Promises”

Directed by: Harald Johan Zwart

Norway/Lithuania, 2022, 103m

In Norwegian with English subtitles

Southeast Premiere

Send in the balls, even though they are now long(er) and flatt(er)! And strap in for a hilarious multi-national road trip among the company of men of a certain age. Forty-ish Petter, in a 14-year relationship with Laila and father to their teenage daughter, still balks at marriage. Seems he’d much rather hang out, drinking with his soccer-mad buds from Ed’s Garage. When Laila tells him, “You’ve done nothing,” he readily admits, “That’s what I do best.” The real reason for hesitation? Secretly, he’s already married. Hence, the road trip to seek an annulment. Watch out for mobsters and illegal liquor transport! Great soundtrack by Zach Robinson and cameo by British popstar Samantha Fox. If you’re a Klown (FFF 2012) fan, you’ll want to take this ride. As mother and daughter illustrate, women know better, but women and men together know best. All in good fun!