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Competition Documentary Feature


Directed by: David Hambridge

USA/Hong Kong/Kenya, 2019, 81m

English, Swahili

Florida Premiere

*Talent in attendance for all screenings


The northern white rhinos at the Ol Pejeta Reserve in Kenya are gargantuan, surprisingly agile, and ancient-looking. Rhinoceros—“kifaru” in Swahili—are a 50 million-year-old species, but war and poaching have driven their numbers down to three. Three. One of these is Sudan, the last male of his kind, 45 years old, and feeling his age. The arrival of an orphaned baby brightens him briefly, but his live-in caretakers see that Sudan is not long for this world. As the last male, his death will effectively end the species, unless IVF procedures are perfected … one day. Kifaru won the Jury Award and Audience Award for Documentary Features at the 2019 Slamdance Film Festival, and audiences will see why. It captures a stark moment in conservation history, allows us intimate time with this grand animal, and brings the reality of extinction home as it is borne by Sudan’s caretakers, veterinarians, and soon the entire world.

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