Jack Has a Plan
Jack Has a Plan

Jack Has a Plan

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Competition Documentary Feature

Jack Has a Plan

Directed by: Bradley Berman

USA, 2022, 75m

World Premiere

Jack has a plan. And in the final hours of that plan, Jack will have a party with his friends, spend some time telling his wife how much he loves her, and finally, he will take a cocktail of medication custom-designed to end his life peacefully and painlessly. For the last 25 years, Jack has been given “six months to live” due to a malignant brain tumor. How then is it possible for someone to be terminally ill for two-and-a-half decades? This predicament propels Jack on a quest to reconcile with his mother, find his biological father, and prepare for a dignified exit strategy. Despite its emotional subject, Jack Has a Plan is something of a revelation. The film is both intimate and moving, as the filmmaker and the subject weigh the implications and questions that arise from seeing this “project” to its natural conclusion, and provide a compassionate, entertaining, and surprisingly uplifting universal story that invites an audience along to reflect on the most serious topic of life—death.

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