Competition Documentary Feature


Directed by: Jessica Earnshaw

USA, 2020, 105m

Southeast Premiere/2nd US Screening

Jacinta follows the heartbreaking struggles of a young mother in and out of prison in drug-ravaged Maine. Shot over the course of three years, with brutally intimate access, director Jessica Earnshaw delicately but honestly explores the broken relationship between love and trauma trapped in an inescapable cycle of addiction and incarceration. Informed by her complicated relationship with her mother Rosemary, Jacinta struggles with most aspects of her life, tumbling from one personal and emotional crisis to another. This powerful and emotionally rich film takes the audience on a nightmarish ride through the life of someone who never really had a chance at a better one, and inspires concern for what will become of the next generation—Jacinta’s 10-year-old daughter Caylynn—as she ages closer and closer to danger. Is Jacinta’s life just foreshadowing, or can Caylynn overcome her family’s cycle of addiction? Jacinta is an astonishing and deeply personal portrait of mothers and daughters, and the effect of intergenerational trauma on a family’s life.

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