International Shorts #2

International Shorts #2

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International Shorts #2

Showcasing seven stories from seven countries, International Shorts 2 prioritizes the experience of the individual—those forced into solitude, those who have finally found their place, and those whose sacrifices for others may come at the expense of their own identity. These films take an unflinching look at what it means to be seen, and ultimately prove that while the desire for connection is a global (and interspecies) one, what we must endure to find it will always be unique.

My Favorites

International Shorts #2


Directed by: Boaz Frankel and Omri Van-Essen

Israel, 2022, 18m

In Hebrew and Thai with English subtitles

In the heart of the desert lives calf no. 2300, whose dreams of becoming a princess lead her on a journey of discovery and self-actualization in the human world.

International Shorts #2


Directed by: Bren Cukier

Poland, 2023, 15m

In Polish with English Subtitles

Maria has secret plans for Thursday.



International Shorts #2

It’s Raining Frogs Outside

Directed by: Maria Estela Paiso

Philippines, 2021, 14m

In English, Sambal, and Tagalog with English subtitles

Alone at the end of the world, Maya’s mind and body deteriorate in a surrealist horror show of memory and identity.

International Shorts #2

It Turns Blue

Directed by: Shadi Karamroudi

Iran/Greece, 2023, 15m

In Persian with English subtitles

Pari’s dedication to her family overwhelms her morality, as she chooses to disguise the abuse of her three-year-old niece.

International Shorts #2

Call Me Mommy

Directed by: Tara Isidora O'Callaghan

Ireland, 2022, 15m

Uncover the multifaceted life of Sinead—a 40-year-old woman—as she balances motherhood and online sex work in this unflinching portrait of personal and public intimacy.

International Shorts #2

Our Males and Females

Directed by: Ahmad Alyaseer

Jordan, 2023, 11m

In Arabic with English subtitles

A father and mother face a painful reality when their community refuses to wash and shroud their deceased transgender daughter.

International Shorts #2

The Diamond

Directed by: Vedran Rupic

Sweden, 2022, 14m

Stefan stumbles across a diamond in a tiny hole and, in a foolproof plan to make friends, recruits a small claustrophobic man to retrieve the riches.