International Shorts #1

International Shorts #1

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International Shorts #1

International films exist because of borders; a film is only “foreign” when the viewer is foreign to the film. Although each film in this diverse program from seven countries is informed in part by the region in which it was produced, they all challenge the efficacy of borders themselves.

My Favorites

International Shorts #1

She is Oh Oh

Directed by: Léa Reguillot

France, 2023, 9m

In English and French with English subtitles

Sophia is a stylish and quirky Down syndrome carrier whose bitcoins are going to make her rich one day. Then she can make the world a smashing place for everyone.

International Shorts #1


Directed by: Jan-David Bolt

Switzerland, 2021, 6m

A businessman crushes a snail. With each step, another snail squishes beneath his shoe. Where are they coming from? Who are these snails? Another sticky provocation from the director of “Nero” (FFF 2020).

International Shorts #1

Killing Ourselves

Directed by: Maya Yadlin

Israel, 2022, 15m

In Hebrew with English subtitles

The director of “Fine” (FFF 2020) is back with the whole gang to shoot one more scene for her short film. An autobiographical cautionary tale about making movies with your family.

International Shorts #1

Island of Freedom

Directed by: Petr Januschka

Czech Republic, 2022, 27m

In Czech and Slovak with English subtitles

A man from communist Czechoslovakia unexpectedly meets his childhood love on a flight to Cuba. When they stop over in Canada, he has a plan… but can he trust her?

International Shorts #1

Will You Look at Me

Directed by: Shuli Huang

China/Italy, 2022, 20m

In Mandarin with English subtitles

A gay filmmaker returns to his hometown for a long overdue conversation with his unaccepting mother in this vulnerably lyrical document of their harrowing conversation.

International Shorts #1

Nice to See Your Face

Directed by: Sun Namkoong

South Korea, 2022, 12m

In Korean with English subtitles

A portrait of a woman seeking forgiveness, told in one stationary shot through the window of her broken-down car on the way to see her ex one last time.

International Shorts #1

45th Parallel

Directed by: Lawrence Abu Hamdan

UK, 2022, 15m

An illuminating fourth-wall-breaking monologue about border lines and the hypocrisy of enforcement between Canada and Mexico.