International Shorts #1

International Shorts #1

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International Shorts #1

Spinning tales from eight different countries, International Shorts Program 1 brings us face to face with the far too often ugly reality of this world. It also challenges us to rise above the unexpected horrors which lie beyond our control, through open communication, unwavering dedication, and—above all else—perseverance.

International Shorts #1

The Devil’s Harmony

Directed by: Dylan Holmes Williams

UK, 2019, 15m

In this acerbic marriage of Pitch Perfect and Heathers, a bullied teenage girl—accompanied by her acapella group—orchestrates a symphony of revenge against her enemies.

International Shorts #1

To Calm the Pig Inside

Directed by: Joanna Vasquez Arong

Phillipines, 2020, 19m

In Cebuano with English Subtitles

This hauntingly beautiful and meditative documentary delves into the devastating aftermath of the destruction of the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan. Winner of the Grand Jury Award for Documentary Short at Slamdance 2020.

International Shorts #1

16 December

Directed by: Álvaro Gago

Spain, 2019, 14m

In Galician with English Subtitles

Lucia, on her way to pick up her younger brother, finds herself at the center of a horrible encounter with a group of degenerate men.

International Shorts #1


Directed by: Balazs Simonyi

Hungary, 2019, 12m

In Hungarian with English Subtitles

Some atrocities sneak up on us when least expected, in this anatomy of a terror attack.

International Shorts #1


Directed by: Sonia K. Hadad

Iran, 2019, 15m

In Persian with English Subtitles

Already fraught with stress over an upcoming exam at her school, a high-school drug courier is thrust into a nerve-racking dilemma in this taut drama co-written by Farnoosh Samadi, writer/director of “The Role” (FFF 2019) and “Gaze” (FFF 2018).

International Shorts #1


Directed by: Maya Yadlin

Israel, 2019, 9m

In Hebrew with English Subtitles

A dysfunctional family en route to a family reunion is side-tracked by a meltdown over the most trivial of reasons.

International Shorts #1


Directed by: Jan-David Bolt

Switzerland, 2019, 9m

In Swiss German with English Subtitles

Ensuring that you are a self-made, self-sufficient artisan involves a lot of planning, hard work, and bodily fluids.

International Shorts #1

Benevolent Ba

Directed by: Diffan Sina Norman

Malaysia, 2019, 9m

In Hakka, English, Malay, and Tamil with English Subtitles

If Sam Raimi had a cinematic Malaysian love child, it might resemble this tale of a devout woman’s lust for virtue that plummets her family into a sacrificial slaughter of biblical proportions.