International Shorts #1: “Never Let Me Go”

International Shorts #1: “Never Let Me Go”

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International Shorts #1: “Never Let Me Go”

Total Runtime: 106 min

Through the lenses of visionary filmmakers from twelve different countries, International Shorts #1 acquaints us with the trials and tribulations involving a variety of cinematic characters ranging from murderous thugs in fantastic hats, to a frighteningly menacing fowl, to a literal drug mule. Despite this tapestry of fear, sadness, and jealousy, these gifted artists still manage to remind us that the world is filled with kindness, peace, and love, even though they are rarely found in the most obvious of places.

International Shorts #1 "Never Let Me Go"

Autumn Waltz

Directed by: Ognjen Petković

Serbia/Montenegro/USA, 2019, 18m


In ex-Yugoslavia, during the embattled decade of the 1990s, a desperate husband and wife use subterfuge in an attempt to flee their besieged town in this darkly suspenseful comedy that is reminiscent of a Coen Brothers film.

International Shorts #1 "Never Let Me Go"

Nefta Football Club

Directed by: Yves Piat

France/Tunisia, 2018, 17m


Abdallah and Mohammed—out to play a game of soccer—come across a headphone-wearing donkey that only responds to the music of Adele. Naturally, they decide to investigate the strange white powder they find strapped to its back.

International Shorts #1 "Never Let Me Go"

All These Creatures

Directed by: Charles Williams

Australia, 2018, 13m

A young man reflects on his haunted past and the mental and emotional traumas involving his father in this heartbreakingly beautiful, lyrical drama. Winner of the Palme d’Or–Best Short Film at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

International Shorts #1 "Never Let Me Go"


Directed by: Maciej Buchwald

Poland, 2018, 24m


Defying your expectations of traditional Polish cinema, this unpredictable and bittersweet dramedy follows three completely different people as they seek out love, compassion, success, and above all else, happiness.

International Shorts #1 "Never Let Me Go"


Directed by: Rishi Chandna

India, 2018, 13m


In this incredibly humorous and entertaining documentary, we spend a week with a frazzled Mumbai family at their wit’s end because they are being terrorized by their pet rooster.

International Shorts #1 "Never Let Me Go"

The Role

Directed by: Farnoosh Samadi

Iran/Italy, 2018, 11m


The latest film from FFF alum Farnoosh Samadi (“Gaze,” FFF 2018) shows us that sometimes talent is discovered in the most unexpected of ways.

International Shorts #1 "Never Let Me Go"

All Inclusive

Directed by: Corina Schwingruber Ilić

Switzerland, 2018, 10m

After you witness this stunning revelation, you will never look at a cruise ship the same way.