International Animated Shorts

International Animated Shorts

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International Animated Shorts

Total Runtime: 93 min

Exploring life, love, change, and death, this intercontinental mélange of animated short works from twelve countries gloriously illustrates a multitude of perspectives from the global truths of the human experience.

International Animated Short


Directed by: Claudius Gentinetta

Switzerland, 2018, 4m

A continuum of painted selfies brilliantly reveals a grim reality through a tableau of social media culture in this stunning new work from the co-director of “The Cable Car” (FFF 2009).

International Animated Short


Directed by: Florian Brauch, Kim Tailhades, Matthieu Pujol, Romain Thirion, Yohan Thireau

France, 2017, 6m

The rules of survival change as marine life evolves by fusing with its greatest threat.

International Animated Short


Directed by: David Barlow-Krelina

Canada, 2018, 5m

A delightfully absurd examination of cosmetic beauty obsession through a lens of modern metamorphosis.

International Animated Short

Bloeistraat 11

Directed by: Nienke Deutz

Belgium/Netherlands, 2018, 10m

The fog of puberty descends on inseparable best friends as they spend the last summer holiday of their childhood amusing themselves around the house. Winner of Best Animated Short Film awards at Annecy, Chicago, and Denver International Film Festivals.

International Animated Short


Directed by: Sofia Carrillo

Mexico, 2017, 13m


A young girl is trapped in a home of childhood memories, and spirits of the past won’t let her go.

International Animated Short

Vox Lipoma

Directed by: Jane Magnusson, Liv Strömquist

Sweden, 2018, 11m


Ingmar Bergman’s conscience is an anthropomorphized facial growth, which he ignores and eventually removes to no end, as its wrath returns two-fold in this hilarious and scathing take-down of the legendary Swedish director’s misogynistic behavior.

International Animated Short


Directed by: Nara Normande

Brazil/France, 2018, 14m


On beach sand in Brazil, a young woman illustrates the memories of her childhood and best friend. Winner of the Best Animated Short award at the 2019 SXSW and Cinequest film festivals.

International Animated Short

The Call

Directed by: Anca Damian

Romania, 2018, 10m

The voice of her son on one end of the phone line narrates a woman’s passage between worlds—through a bathtub portal.

International Animated Short


Directed by: Martina Scarpelli

France/Denmark, 2018, 12m

One woman, one egg, one cubical domicile. She attempts to rectify her appetite.

International Animated Short


Directed by: Sawako Kabuki

Japan, 2018, 1m

FFF alum provocateur Sawako Kabuki (“Master Blaster,” FFF 2018) returns with a visceral experience about all the bad things that make you feel like a baby’s cry.

International Animated Short

Cocoon, Cocoon

Directed by: Ilai Margulies, Ori Goldberg

Israel, 2018, 7m


Oded the caterpillar—reluctant to embrace metamorphosis—soon learns the barbarity and inevitability of the corporeal form in this kooky and bizarre musical that cleverly blends old-school, stop-motion claymation, drawings, and live action.