For Walter and Josiah
For Walter and Josiah

For Walter and Josiah

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Competition Documentary Feature

For Walter and Josiah

Directed by: Jamie Elias

USA, 2020, 66m

Florida Premiere

Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation has seen a spike in Native American suicides in a state that already has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation. Two beloved reservation teens, Walter and Josiah, become the latest tragedies of suicide resultant, in part, from decades of intergenerational trauma due to the poor treatment of Native American peoples in general in the U.S., and more specifically attributed to the past’s forcible removal of children from their communities that subsequently damaged families for decades and laid ground for further human health crises such as substance abuse. Hope glimmers in the form of a passionate high school coach and others in the community who take healing actions. Through following the plucky Two Eagles, a basketball team affected by the suicides, this moving and beautifully shot film positions viewers for understanding and healing as the community uses cultural resurgence and basketball as conduits for change and growth.

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