Fire (Both Sides of the Blade)

Fire (Both Sides of the Blade)

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International Showcase

Fire (Both Sides of the Blade)

Directed by: Claire Denis

France, 2022, 116m

In French with English Subtitles

Southeast Premiere

Sara (the incomparable Juliette Binoche, Chocolat) and Jean (Vincent London, Titane) have been in a loving, stable relationship for ten years. They are happy. When they first met, Sara was in a relationship with François, Jean’s best friend at the time. One day, Sara sees François on the street. He does not see her, but she is overwhelmed by a sensation that her life could suddenly change. For the first time in years, François suddenly gets back in touch with Jean to suggest that they work together again. From here on, things spiral out of control. Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, Fire (aka Both Sides of the Blade outside of the US), is the latest work from fearless director Claire Denis (High Life, Beau Travail). A portrait of a relationship rocked to the core by the sudden reappearance of an old lover, it is a love triangle that builds in tension and suspense like a cerebral erotic thriller. Encircled by a wall of passionate flames, Denis’s protagonists appear to be under siege in this blistering drama of the mind and heart that’s ultimately a rich, nuanced exploration of female desire.