Dark Money

Dark Money

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Competition Documentary Feature

Dark Money

Directed by: Kimberly Reed

USA, 2018, 98m

This intriguing and suspenseful film looks into how the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision has drastically changed the way campaigns are run and elections are won, thanks to the huge sums of untraceable money funneling in through nonprofit groups. By 2012, dark money spending had dramatically increased from the previous election, and the upward trend has continued with 2018 funding already surpassing that of 2016. A handful of states have pushed for more transparency in disclosing the funding sources of dark money. Montana, sparsely populated but rich in natural resources and a history of corporate exploitation, wages an epic battle against the deep pockets that have donated and benefited from the shadowy practice of influencing elections. Reminiscent of All the President’s Men, Kimberly Reed’s (Prodigal Sons, FFF 2009) explosive film provides an unflinching look at the heroic work of both investigative reporter John Adams and Montana’s Commissioner of Political Practice Jonathan Motl as they move from one bombshell revelation to the next.

USA, 2018, 98m, NR, Directed by Kimberly Reed

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